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Magnetic Energy Device Accessories 

PEMF Accessories

Small Loop Probe
Specification : Single - 7 inches diameter loop with 6.5 feet lead

PEMF Accessories

Double Small Loop Probe
Specification : Double - 7 inches diameter loops with 6.5 feet lead 

PEMF Equine Probe

Medium Loop Probe
Specification : Single - 9.5 inches diameter loop with 6.5 feet lead

PEMF Applicator

Rope Probe

Specification : 24 feet straight cable probe

PEMF Accessories

Standard Probe

Specification : 12 inches diameter loop with 7.5 feet lead


E Pulse Mat

(PEMF Mat)

Specification : 33 in. x 23 in. x 1.5 in.  soft black mat with 6 feet lead. 

E Pulse bag (FREE)

  All accessories have a quick-release dual-connectors for ease in switching between different accessories and are all compatible with all E Pulse devices. 

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