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Our Innovation

PEMF Innovation
  • In 2012, the first machine we designed was the E Pulse - 100. The initial design acted as foundation for designs to follow. The high power set a standard for following models to reach, but the weight of 100 lbs as well as its flaws gave room for much improvement.


  • The second design was the E Pulse Mini. This model was a leap forward from the E Pulse - 100. By using knowledge learned from the predecessor, the E Pulse Mini maintained the power of the E Pulse - 100 while managing to be 25 lbs lighter. Its weight was 75 lbs.

  • Through numerous modifications and improvements in the individual parts of the machine, the E Pulse Pro/Elite models were created. While maintaining the power of the former two models, it offered a much more lighter weight at 40 lbs as well as a flexible design which is easily modified to suit consumer's needs. It has taken the place of both the    E Pulse -100 and E Pulse Mini, being the unit that is sold in their place today.

  • Radically different from any of the former designs was the first table top machine, the E Pulse 750. While other machines were meant to be placed on the ground, the E Pulse 750 was designed to be placed on tables with its rectangular design and lighter weight of 30 lbs.

  • The Alpha Pulse is the second table top machine. At times, the maximum power of other models were more than was necessary. With a lower power, but a lighter weight of 16 lbs, the Alpha Pulse offered a lighter, and easier to transport alternative for those who did not needed the maximum power of the past machines and were also interested in a light model.

  • The latest design is the E Pulse Lite, a briefcase-like machine, with a similar weight to the Alpha Pulse. While its outer design is more similar to that of the E Pulse Pro/Elite, the light weight of 16 lbs. enables it to also function on table tops. The briefcase design gives it handles which allow for easier transport.

Evidently, we have improved and refined our design to fit customer’s needs and satisfaction. Our product ‘s physical attributes has changed by making it lighter in weight and compact in size while maintaining its quality. 

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