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PEMF (Pulse electromagnetic field) therapy generates pulsing electromagnetic energy that penetrates cells and bones causing the desired effect, putting our body in healthy state. 


All our trillion of cells in our body, atoms and chemicals produce and use energy. These cells in our body thus exchange energy .If our cells energy balance are not working well, our body can’t either. In addition impaired energy balance causes disrupted cellular metabolism meaning less energy and more toxins.


Weaker energy in our cells will result to poor transport of electrons and nutrients, which may result in low energy and circulation. With absorption of electromagnetic field energy deep in our cells, it opens the gates of cell membranes that allow proper circulation with enough energy, as a result of the stimulation of ATP (Adenotriphosphate) metabolism. ATP is used to power the cells and improving ATP metabolism helps to reduce pain and increase range of motion with those suffering from stressed muscles.


PEMF Benefits Have Observed:


1. Reduces

  • Pain

  • Swelling and Inflammation

  • Stiffness

  • Edema

  • Platelet adhesion which prevents blood aggregation

2. Enhancs

  • Body energy and endurance

  • Nerve Response

  • Range Motion

  • Immune System

  • Muscle Energy

3. Specific For Non-Fusion Bone Fracture Repair

4. Speeds Bone Fracture Repair

5. Makes Bone Denser

6. Wellness

7. Healthy Aging

8. Detoxification

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