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There’s a reason the expression “laser-like” has come to mean anything intense or precise, whether it’s a light or a way of thinking. Lasers are simply straight beams of light, the perfect living example of precision. One laser cutter’s beam can even outperform a quality CNC router when it comes to ultra-fine details.

Laser cutters offer users the ability to cut through almost any material used to manufacture a product. Metal, plastic, wood, ceramics, fabric and more can be cut with precision to the level of micrometers – about 0.000039 inch – which is pretty doggone accurate regardless of what you plan to make.

Laser cutters either melt, burn, vaporize, or blow away with a jet of gas the material being cut. The result is an edge with a first-rate surface finish. Industrial laser cutters are widely used to cut structural and piping materials, as well as flat-sheets. Adjusting the power of the laser will produce a beam that cuts and engraves almost any material to perfection. Forget about any wasted material, you can use it all 100%.

Bottom line: If you do anything that involves precise engraving, exacting detail, or you just want to cut something cleanly and very quickly, a laser cutter is the next machine you’ll need to add to your shop.

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